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Cadence Launched A New Digital Twin Platform Millennium Platform, Which Provides Ultra -High Performance

2024-02-02 17:41:40

Cadence (CDNS, Cadence Company in the United States) today announced the launch of Cadence & Nbsp; Millennium & Nbsp; Enterprise Multiphysics Platform, which is designed and analyzed for multi -physical field systems. Digital twin solutionEssenceOne generation Cadence Millennnium M1 platform aims to improve performance and energy efficiency ratio, and accelerate the high -fidelity computing of fluid mechanics (CFD) simulation.This one -stop solution can run in the cloud or locally, equipped with graphics processing unit (GPUS) from outstanding providers. It has extremely fast interconnection and enhanced Cadence high -fidels CFD software stack. For the GPU acceleration and generation AIOptimized.The Millennium M1 instance can be integrated into a unified cluster to help customers achieve the ideal turnover speed. The design turnover can be completed on the same day, and it provides almost linear expansion capabilities for the simulation system.


In automotive, aerospace, energy and impeller machinery industries, we must ensure that the system performance and energy efficiency of design have reached a new level. This requirement has become the top priority.In order to optimize performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, car designers focus on improving fuel efficiency, reducing resistance and noise, and extending the range of electric vehicles.Improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and reducing maintenance frequency is the most concerned issue for aerospace and impeller mechanical design engineers.To achieve these goals, the progress of multi -physical field simulation technology is important.Digital twin simulation helps to explore more innovative design solutions, and performance, accuracy, capacity, and acceleration computing technology are essential to achieve digital twin simulation.Before the prototype development and testing and test, effective simulation can make us have a full grasp to ensure that these designs will be implemented normally as expected.

Millennium Platform can meet these needs.The main functions and advantages of the platform include:

· Performance: Combining similar ideal GPU-Resident CFD solving device with special GPU hardware. The computing power of each GPU can be comparable to supercomputers, which is equivalent to the calculation performance of the 1,000 CPU kernel.

· Efficiency: The calculation iteration time is shortened from a few weeks to a few hours. Compared with CPUs with comparable performance, energy efficiency has increased by 20 times.

· Accuracy: Using Cadence Fidelity CFD solving device can provide accurate accuracy and calmly cope with complex simulation challenges.

· High -performance calculation: Use the scalability architecture and support large -scale expansion Fidelity solving device to provide nearly linear extension performance on multiple GPU nodes.

· AI Digital Twin: Quickly generate high -quality multi -physical field data, and use the generation AI to create a fast and reliable digital twin visual effect for the ideal system design solution.

· One -stop solution: The first combination of GPU calculation with modern scalable CFD solution device provides an ideal environment for accelerating CFD and multidisciplinary design and optimization.

· Flexibility: You can use the GPU provided by Zhuo Yue supplier, at least 8 GPUs in the cloud, or at least 32 GPUs locally to provide flexible and scalable solutions to meet the deployment needs of each customer.

We walked all the way  35 years of development, during this period, Cadence has always been committed to helping challenging computing applications to improve performance and ensuring accuracy.Algorithm computing efficiency is always a key priority, and we are using generating AI to extract useful information from massive design and simulation data.Ben Gu, Global Vice President and General Manager of Multi -Physical Field Simulation Division, said that we have newly launched a subversive Millennium platform, which is a huge leap, providing Zhuo Yue's acceleration and performance expansion for digital twin and artificial intelligence applications.CFD is expected to greatly benefit from the improvement of performance and efficiency. For those industries that must explore more design innovations and push products faster to the market, the powerful performance of Millennium M1 will bring tremendous changes to it.

Millennium M1 is now open to early users.To learn more, please visit

client feedback

Honda and Cadence have lasted for more than 10 years in accelerating the CFD design process.We deployed Cadence's Millennium M1 multi -physical field super computing platform and its LES solution device.It turns out that in automotive, aviation promotion and EVTOL projects, our air dynamics, combustion and pneumatic acoustic application system simulation has accelerated significantly, and the expansion capacity has also been greatly improved.Due to the huge improvement of high -precision CFD simulation performance, we look forward to continuing cooperation with Cadence to continue to develop a new generation of CFD solutions.

- Atsushi Ogawa, Chief Operating Officer, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

In CORVID, we often use high -precision CFD tools for air dynamics and thermal simulation.The Cadence Fidelity CFD software and GPU calculation are combined to increase the efficiency of high -precision simulation computing of Yayin Speed 8 times.Considering that each project must be made in large quantities, Millennium M1 is expected to significantly improve our existing workflow in terms of speed and accuracy.

- Mathieu Amiraux, Senior Aerodynamicist, Corvid Technologies

Our cooperation with Cadence has achieved fruitful results.ASUS is glad to use Cadence's newly launched Millennium platform. The platform provides Zhuoyue's performance and energy efficiency through Cadence's disruptive software and hardware.We look forward to the continuous cooperation between the two sides, based on the present, looking forward to the future, and jointly respond to the challenges of AI digital twin design and multi -physical field simulation challenges.

- Paul Ju, Corporate Vice President and CTO of Data Center, ASUS

Cadence's Millennium M1 and its CHARLES High -precision streaming simulation technology represents the advanced level of calculation of the prelude dysfunction. It makes full use of new innovative achievements in numerical methods, physical modeling and GPU computing.In the design of aerospace, automobiles and energy systems, the impact of turbulence is very important.Cadence's solution set accuracy, speed, and scale in one body, which has a positive impact on the above design, will open a new era of predictable simulation.In addition, the generation speed of high -quality simulation data has been greatly improved, which will greatly enhance our ability to develop control and modeling concepts, including AI -based models and digital twins.