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Heavy!This Type Of Chip Foundry Has A Maximum Price Of 20%!

2023-11-28 17:37:20

According to the latest news, according to semiconductor manufacturers, the wafer agency factories such as UMC, World Advanced and Li Ji Power have recently proposed a new model of diversification for IC design, including strategies such as non -tied prices and extended volume.

IC design manufacturers estimate that the indicator factory takes the lead in cutting prices, and other peers will inevitably follow up. Although different products and process are different, it is estimated that the average price of wafer foundry in the first quarter of next year should reach about 10-20%.

In addition to the above three major wafer factories, it is reported recently that TSMC will restore the price discount for the mature process in 2024.Three years after the price discount of the last time, IC manufacturers said that the price discount of part of the mature process in 2024 was about 2%.Another IC manufacturer said that it is indeed negotiated with TSMC for the price discount of next year.In addition, the IC Design Plant reveals the discount method provided by TSMC, which is to settle after the completion of the whole season, and convert it from the cost of the light hood from the next season.

IC design manufacturers have pointed out that some mature processes of TSMC have resumed discounts. Although there is no direct price reduction, it is still representative, and it may increase pressure on other peers.

In addition, recent market news reported that the mature foundation manufacturer of the wafer foundry facing the production capacity utilization rate of 60 % of the defense war. In order to increase the utilization rate of production capacity, UMC, World Advanced and Liji Power and other manufacturers have cut off the quotation in the first quarter of next year.The scale reaches a double -digit percentage, and some customers have decreased by as much as 15%to 20%.

Some analysts believe that even if the recent PC and mobile phone market have recovered, customers considering inflation and other external changes are still large, especially in the past year, almost all in the past year.As a result, the Yuan Dynasty factory has increased bargaining and avoiding order loss, which leads to worse capacity utilization.