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Aixin Yuanzhi Released The New Generation Of IPC Soc Chip AX630C And AX620Q

2023-10-27 17:36:34

AI visual chip research and development and basic computing power platform company Aixin Yuanzhi announced that it has released the new generation of IPC SoC chip products AX630C and AX620Q, which has attracted attention with the high -quality quality, intelligent processing and analysis capabilities of leading industries.


It is equipped with a new generation of Zhiyan 4.0 and the new generation Tongyuan 4.0, which supports real -time real black light

Benefiting from the large -scale popularization of network cameras, IPC SoC chips, as one of the main smart cities management chips, are considered the mainstream of future development.At the same time, with the development of online video cameras towards HD and intelligent, the IPC market has also put forward higher requirements for SOC chips. IPC SOCs with high image quality, good algorithm compatibility, and low power consumption are more affected by the market.Favorite.

Relying on the two core technologies of self-developed AI-ISP and Aixin Tongyuan, the two core technologies of NPU, Aixinyuan Intelligent Processing the video code flow, thereby realizing intelligent analysis and processing, improving the energy efficiency of chip products. At presentIt has been shipped in a large scale in the direction of smart cities.

It is worth mentioning that AI-ISP AI-ISP empowers the key modules in ISP PIPELINE through AI to comprehensively improve imaging effects in various complex application scenarios, and provide high-quality image and video materials for later intelligent processing.The NPU of Aixin Tongyuan Mixed Premium NPU reduces the obstacles of the memory wall and the power consumption wall by reducing data transportation to a certain extent, and improves the efficiency of the entire NPU, thereby, Support more intelligent algorithms with higher effective computing power.The real black light technology of Aixin Yuanzhi is to truly restore the picture through AI-ISP AI-ISP, and then optimize it through the NPU to perform more accurate image processing. Under the extremely low illuminance, obtaining the eye that beyond the eyesBlack light full color effect.

The AX630C and AX620Q released by Aixin Yuanzhi this time are equipped with a new generation of Aixinzhi 4.0 image processing engine and a new generation of Aititongyuan 4.0 high -performance, low -power NPU engine, high -quality, intelligent processing and intelligent processing and intelligent processingAnalysis and other aspects of leading industry levels.It is reported that Aixin Zhiman 4.0 has been upgraded to HDR, noise, demosaic, sharpness, and fog.Excellent, which brings high image quality of AX630C and AX620Q.

Among them, AX630C is the ultra -high -definition intelligent SOC launched by Aixin Yuanzhi to the front -end IPC market of the smart city industry, which can support 4K@30FPS real -time real black light; AX620Q is the HD Smart launched by the AX620Q to the module and channel industry IPC market.SOC can support 5MP real -time, 4K non -real -time real black light.

The power consumption is lower and the integration is higher, and the fast mass production scene supports customer products

Not only supports real -time real black light, AX630C and AX620Q also integrated the 100M network PHY, audio codec, and RTC real -time clock. Therefore, there are obvious advantages in image, computing power, performance, power consumption, and integration.

Specifically, the AX630C has high computing characteristics. Its CPU adopts dual -core A53@1.2G, with the NPU of 3.2t@int8 and the hardening CV operator module. It can intelligently process 4K images to improve customer intelligent algorithm.Processing accuracy and performance.At the same time, the new generation of AX630C's NPU engine supports mainstream Transformer networks such as VIT/Deit/SWIN/SWINV2/DETR, etc., which can solve the decline in algorithm accuracy caused by the lack of training data sets, and the generalization of algorithms in the long -tail scene.

In terms of integration, AX630C integrates the 100M network PHY module, audio codec, RTC real -time clock module, and one USB 2.0 and two SDIO 2.0 interfaces, which can effectively reduce the cost of BOM material in customer products; in terms of power consumption, AX630C uses useAdvanced craftsmanship, the power consumption of the chip in typical scenarios is less than 1.5W, which can be used for products that can be used in the size of the whole machine and heat dissipation.

Compared with AX630C, although AX620Q has reduced the computing power of NPU to 2.0t@int8, because it integrates 256MB LPDDR4, it has an advantage in integration and power consumption.In terms of integration, AX620Q supports 16MB NOR FLASH at the same time, allowing customers to further reduce the area and overall BOM cost of the ornament; in terms of power consumption, AX620Q further optimizes the power consumption of the entire machine. In some typical scenarios, the AX620Q can add the SOC to the overall SOC plus DRAM as a wholeThe power consumption is reduced to 500MW, helping customers to realize product applications in various low -power field scenarios.

In addition, AX630C and AX620Q also provide a stable and easy -to -use SDK software development package to support the rapid mass production of customer products.

With the continuous maturity of technology and the continuous penetration of application scenarios, the IPC SOC market is expected to maintain high -speed growth and help the intelligent upgrade of the smart city industry.Adhering to the brand concept of Pratt & Whitney AI to create a better life, Aixin Yuanzhi will promote mass production applications of AX630C and AX620Q, and continue to empower urban intelligent construction through continuous technological innovation and product development.

About Aixin Yuanzhi:

Established in May 2019, Aixin Yuanzhi Semiconductor (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. is committed to creating the world's leading artificial intelligence perception and marginal computing chips, serving the huge edges and end -side side of smart cities, smart driving, robots, and AR/VR.Equipment market.The two core technologies of the company's self-research-AI-ISP and Aixin Tongyuan's hybrid NPU, AI-ISP and Aixin Tongyuan, have completed the research and development and mass production of four generations of smart chip products in the past four years.Aixin Yuanzhi adheres to the mission of Pu Hui AI, creating a beautiful life, and the vision of building a world -class perception and computing platform.Tentacle can reach.