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Many Chip Vendors Such As TI May Be Affected!The US Tide Will Cause The Supply Chain To Interrupt

2023-09-19 17:30:50

A few days ago, due to the failure to talk about the labor contract, the American Automobile Workers' Federation (UAW) launched a historic momentum for the three major car manufacturers Ford Motors, General Motors, and Stellandis.As the time is getting longer and longer, in addition to the three major vehicle manufacturers, vehicle chip manufacturers may be significantly affected in this wave.

According to institutional data, in terms of revenue scale, in 2022, NXP's revenue from car chip contributed as much as 52%, and Texas Instruments also won a 25%high proportion.TSMC's automobile department accounts for 5%of its total income.

Over time, more chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm and Micron are expected to be affected, because both companies have a large number of networking car business.In recent years, Qualcomm has doubled its efforts to develop automobile business, while Micron is often considered the leader of the automotive storage chip market.

According to foreign media, UAW's stop may destroy the production and supply of automotive chips, affecting car manufacturers and technology companies.Although the diversified supplier will play an important role in reducing the impact of the removal, the duration and severity of the stop will determine its impact on the economy and a single company.

It is reported that the most direct impact this time is that the three car companies are in a state of suspension, and the delivery time of automobile products will be prolonged, inventory decreases, etc., which will cause damage to car sales revenue.The Oxford Economic Research Institute predicts that if nearly 150,000 union workers of these three companies will be held in the end, this move may cause about one -third of the US automobile production, which will put pressure on the labor market and push up the price of new cars.

The automotive industry chain is long, and the incident will have a chain reaction to the supply chain.The supply chain of the American automobile industry is complex and extensive, including hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers.The stop will cause the supply chain to be interrupted, causing significant disturbances to the supply of components and vehicle production.Jeff Schuster, head of the global auto business of the consulting agency GlobalData, said that a engine factory or transmission factory of each car company is enough to close nearly three -quarters of the US assembly plants.