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$ 43.2 Billion!The Latest Global And Major Regional Semiconductor Sales Situation

2023-09-11 17:29:45

The latest news, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced that in July 2023, the global semiconductor industry sales totaled 43.2 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 2.3%over US $ 42.2 billion in June 2023, but decreased from US $ 49 billion in July 2022 in July 2022 to decrease11.8%.

From a regional point of view, the month of the Americas (6.3%), China (2.6%), Europe (0.5%) and Asia Pacific/all other regions (0.3%) have increased, but Japan has decreased slightly (-1.0%)EssenceThe year-on-year sales of Europe have increased (5.9%), but in Japan (-4.3%), the Americas (-7.1%), etc.


John Neuffer, President and CEO of SIA, said: This year, the global semiconductor market has experienced a mild but stable monthly growth, and sales in July for the fourth consecutive month.Although global sales still declined compared with last year, the year -on -year decline in July was the smallest gap so far this year, which provided a reason for the optimism of the remaining time and future in 2023.

Huafu Securities Research Report also pointed out that after the global sales growth rate reached its peak in December 2021, the global semiconductor market began to enter the downward cycle.Completed, the stable growth of this consecutive month will bring a ray of dawn to the semiconductor industry to bottom out.

From the perspective of the industry, the main driving force of this round of recovery comes from the slow rise of the consumer electronics industry and the dramatic demand for AI chips.

Yang Zhong, an analyst of Huafu Securities Electronics Industry, said that from the perspective of demand, in addition to signs of recovery in consumer electronics, emerging fields such as high -performance operations, AIOT, automotive intelligence, and XR have become a new source of living water in the semiconductor industry for a long time.In addition, according to TrendForce forecast, the shipments of AI servers in 2023 will be close to 1.2 million units, an annual increase of 38.4%. The demand for calculation, storage, and data interconnection chips driven by AI related applications is expected to empower the development of the semiconductor industry.

Zhou Hua, chief analyst of Cinno Research, said that there has been an inflection point in the storage and AI chip market. It is expected that in 2024, the global semiconductor industry may have a recovery in the form of 'from dots and noodles.

SIA is more conservative for this expected time node.It predicts that the global semiconductor market will increase by 11.8%in 2024 to US $ 576 billion, and this expansion will be mainly promoted by the memory industry. At that time, its global revenue scale will return to US $ 120 billion, and the year -on -year growth rate is expected to exceed 40%.Others include splitting, sensors, simulation, logic and MCU fields, which are expected to present individual digits.

*Disclaimer: The news of this article originated from SIA, China Business News, Huafu Securities, Cinno Research, and Manchuxin. It is organized by Huaqiang Microelectronics. The news is not officially confirmed and is for exchanges.