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Gigadevice Has Obtained The ISO 26262 ASIL D Process Certification, And The Automotive Functional Safety Management System Has Reached A New Level

2023-08-29 17:28:50

GigaDevice (stock code: 603986), a leading supplier of semiconductor devices, announced today that it has obtained the ISO 26262:2018 automotive function award from SGS, an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization.The highest level of safety ASIL D process certification certificate.This indicates that GigaDevice has established a complete product software and hardware development process system that meets the highest level of automotive functional safety requirements.Provide matching product and service capabilities for functional safety goals and requirements.


Mr. Baokui Li, CTO of GigaDevice, General Manager of the MCU Division, and Mr. Lu Binsi, Director of the North China Division of the Consumer Electronics Division and the Automotive Service Division of SGS, and other representatives from both parties attended the certificate awarding ceremony.


In recent years, with the continuous development of automobile intelligence, the importance of automobile safety has become more and more prominent.The ISO 26262 standard is currently a globally recognized automotive functional safety process standard. The standard is aimed at automotive OEMs and their global suppliers, covering the entire product life cycle, including functional safety management, system phase development, software and hardware phase development, support process, safetyAnalysis, product launch and all aspects.Through the guidance and application of standardized technical specifications, the danger caused by the functional failure of safety-related electronic products will be avoided, and the related traffic accidents will be reduced, and the risk of potential recalls will be reduced.

As a member of the automotive electronics industry chain, GigaDevice always puts the concept of high quality and high safety in the first place, and establishes a reliable quality management system.Through this certification, GigaDevice strictly complies with the requirements of the ISO 26262:2018 standard: First, reorganize the software and hardware development process and quality management system, and build a full life cycle functional standard development process; secondly, from the perspective of personnel, focus onImprove the management ability of the functional safety team, set up a safety training mechanism, the core management team and developers have obtained the ISO 26262 functional safety engineer certificate; no matter in terms of hard power or soft power, a reliable team with professional skills and management capabilities has been formed.

GigaDevice's innovative automotive-grade chips have met the AEC-Q100 standard, providing mainstream development options for various automotive scenarios such as body control, automotive lighting, smart cockpit, assisted driving, and motor power supply.Its GD32 MCU has mature and proven IP, which has been widely used in the field of automotive electronics applications; its automotive-grade GD32A5 series microcontrollers have mainstream configurations and excellent features, as well as supporting product-level software, providing customers with one-stopFormula turn-key solution.Moreover, the cumulative global shipments of automotive-grade GD25/55 SPI NOR Flash and GD5F SPI NAND Flash series products have also reached 100 million units.

Mr. Li Baokui, CTO of GigaDevice and General Manager of MCU Division, said: The pursuit of excellence is one of the core values of GigaDevice. We are constantly exploring and advancing on this road.I am also very grateful for the guidance and recognition of the SGS professional team. Obtaining the ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety highest level ASIL D process certification is a milestone for us to strengthen our own standardized management and promote the standardized development of the industry. It is also a milestone for us to practice the core values of the enterprise.This important measure fully reflects our commitment to high-quality products, covering functional safety, information security, and quality reliability, and lays the foundation for Zhaoyi to continuously provide high-performance, high-safety automotive-grade products to automotive customers.Strong foundation.In the future, we will continue to improve the system construction to provide customers with long-term protection and achieve sustainable development.

Mr. Lu Binsi, Director of North China Region and Auto Service Division of SGS Consumer Electronics Division, said: During the certification process of GigaDevice, SGS has always adhered to a highly rigorous and responsible attitude.We have seen that GigaDevice implements international standard processes in all aspects of the product life cycle and team management.The successful passing of the certification marks that its chip development capabilities and system management capabilities in the field of automotive functional safety have reached international standards and can meet the stringent functional safety development needs of automakers.In the future, SGS will continue to provide GigaDevice with a complete certification program to help it improve its system construction.


About GigaDevice

GigaDevice Innovation Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 603986) is the world's leading supplier of Fabless chips. The company was established in April 2005, headquartered in Beijing, China, and has branches and marketing networks in many countries and regions around the world.All over the world, providing high-quality and convenient localized support services.GigaDevice is committed to building a complete ecosystem with memory, microcontrollers, sensors, and analog products as the core driving forces, and provides complete product technologies for customers in the fields of industry, automobiles, computing, consumer electronics, Internet of Things, mobile applications, and communicationsAnd services, and has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certification, and has established strategic partnerships with many world-renowned wafer factories, packaging and testing factories to jointly promote technological innovation in the semiconductor field.For more information, visit:


About SGS

SGS is an internationally recognized testing, inspection and certification body, the benchmark for quality and integrity.SGS Global Automotive Safety Technology Center can provide one-stop solutions for OEMs and parts suppliers. Its main business covers vehicles, automotive-grade chips, functional safety of semiconductors, ASPICE, SOTIF, information security, etc., and provides technical training, technical consulting, technical services, audit certification and other services.Martin Schmidt, head of the Global Technology Center, is one of the initiators and drafters of ISO 26262. At present, SGS has more than 80 automotive functional safety experts, and has issued more than 800 ISO 26262 functional safety and information security certification certificates to global customers.