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The High -End Industrial Market For Heavy New Products, Zhaoyi's Innovative Layout Of Green Energy "Core"

2023-08-09 17:27:33

Entering 2023, the industrial chain of the industrial control market in the background of Industrial 4.0 fully exerted its efforts to continuously accelerate the introduction of industrial manufacturing in the direction of digitalization, intelligence, and green development.According to PRISMARK statistics, the average annual growth rate of the global industrial control market in 2019-2023 is 3%, and the market size of global industrial control in 2023 is expected to reach US $ 260 billion.In addition, according to Yole Development statistics, the market size of Nor Flash in the field of memory segment in 2021 is 3.5 billion US dollars, and it is expected to increase to US $ 4.9 billion in 2027, with an average annual compound growth rate of about 6%.It is foreseeable that the MCU chip and embedded memory are the core components in the field of industrial control. The market demand continues to rise. Many upstream originals are also competing for the first time.machine.

In the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show in July in July, the industry's leading semiconductor device supplier Zhaoyi Innovation GIGADEVICE (hereinafter referred to as Zhaoyi Innovation) is the product layout of the ecological product of the memory, microcontroller, sensor and power chip, showing 50The latest solutions for the remaining models, the industrial theme exhibition area provides industry empowerment around the current popular industrial control, green energy and other market applications, competing on the same stage with a number of manufacturers at the scene.


Figure 1: Zhaoyi Innovation Heavy Pounds appeared at the Shanghai Electronics Show, Munich

GD32H7 new debut, ultra -high -end domestic MCU aim at the industrial market

The first one is the new product -GD32H7 series.The GD32H7 series is the first domestic MCU product based on ARM? Cortex? -M7 core launched by Zhaoyi Innovation in May 2023. The main frequency can reach up to 600MHz, with Flash and 1MB SRAM on the film with 4MB.Coupling memory and 64kb L1-Cache high-speed cache, and integrate functions such as hardware DSP, dual-precision FPU, hardware triangle function TMU, and filter algorithm accelerator FAC. These built-in resources can greatly improve processing efficiency and real-time.In actual application scenarios, such as achieving precise direction displacement and action order of industrial robots, it is required to control the motor to control the motor that is more complicated, fine and lower -delayed. GD32H7 can calmly cope with MCU performance, function, real -time, interface rate, etc.New challenge.


Figure 2: GD32H7 Full Functional Evaluation Board

The booth staff introduced that the GD32H7 series has rich serial port peripheral resources such as USART, I2C, SPI, as well as high-speed CAN-FD, Industrial Ethernet and other interfaces.1 12 -bit ADC with a sampling rate of up to 5.3MSPS. These features can provide high -precision sampling rate and rapid response in applications such as motor control, photovoltaic energy storage, etc. At the same time, it is also suitable for industrial network cards, inverters, servers, digital signal processing, Even applications such as large civilian drones.

Of course, data security is also an essential element of smart factories.The Zhaoyi Innovation GD32H7 series provides a variety of security encryption functions, including DES, Triimetry, AES algorithm and hash algorithm, integrating the RTDEC module, which can further protect the data of the external memory connected to the AXI or AHB bus to prevent the factory and the factory and theThe threat suffered during the communication process to ensure the security of hardware data of the Internet of Things.

Storage and control parallel driving together, Zhaoyi innovation and broadening green energy application layout

Driven by the dual carbon policy, the green energy industry such as photovoltaic and energy storage has ushered in rapid development.It is reported that Zhaoyi Innovation is actively developing the application layout of the energy industry from the intensity of power generation, power storage, and power consumption to meet the growing market demand.For example, on the power generation side, Zhaoyi Innovation shows a photovoltaic inverter with the GD25Q series SPI Nor Flash.Because photovoltaic inverters usually work in a complex and harsh industrial environment, this has put forward strict requirements on the stability of each device.The Zhaoyi Innovation GD25Q series NOR FLASH has the excellent characteristics of the environmental temperature of -40 ° C ~ 125 ° C and ensuring stable operation. It can provide high-reliable storage to ensure user data and information security.The booth staff said that the inverter equipped with the GD25Q series NOR FLASH has been widely used in photovoltaic and wind power generation systems, and cooperated with many domestic customers to sell them to North America, Europe and the world, and continue to contribute to the green energy industry.

Not only that, the purpose of the photovoltaic inverter is to extract the maximum power from the solar panel and fed the clean energy into the grid.In order to ensure this, the power-level voltage and current must be accurately sampled, and the power switch of the power switch in DC-DC and DC-AC must be accurately generated (PWM). This process also requires the main controller to assist.With the rise of micro -inverters and the demand for supply guarantee and cost reduction and efficiency, many inverter manufacturers have begun to use high -performance MCU to replace traditional DSPs.And a variety of product portfolios, including the GD32 series MCU to create a flexible, well -equipped and more competitive inverter solution.

On the power side, the power management solution is a part of improving the power conversion efficiency of the system.As a power supply based on digital signal processing technology, digital power supply can achieve accurate adjustment and stability control of various voltage and current output through efficient digital control methods.Therefore, it has become a new trend of power solution.At the Zhaoyi Innovation booth, there is such a digital power supply solution that has caused the onlookers and heated discussions of the industry audience -SMPS (PFC+LLC) switching power solutions based on GD32E503R.


Figure 3: SMPS (PFC+LLC) switching power solution

The solution uses a bridge PFC+half -bridge LLC topology with a maximum power of 500W and a maximum efficiency of the whole machine 90.85%.It is worth mentioning that the two sides of the strong and weak electricity are controlled by two GD32MCUs: PFC is controlled by GD32E230C, input 220V AC power, output 415V DC voltage, PFC's maximum efficiency is 95.40%; LLC uses GD32E503R control, input 415V DC voltage, output 24V VVV voltage, and output 24VV 24VDC voltage, LLC's maximum efficiency of 96.04%.Among them, the GD32E503R uses the frequency changes of the LLC MOS tube of the SHRTIMER control, making the control accuracy higher.This solution has protection functions such as over pressure, under pressure, overcurrent, and temperature, and can be widely used in the power module of SMPS, outdoor power, data center/communication base station in the industrial field.

In addition, the 3.3KW two -way DC/DC solution displayed by Zhaoyi Innovation is also excellent. This is a CLLLC DC transformation based on the GD32F3 and GD32E5 series.This solution uses the GAN power device in the PFC part, and the other side uses silicon carbide (SIC) power device. The compact transformer efficiency is high, which is more in line with the current industry's power design trend of the third -generation semiconductor device.It is very suitable for digital power solutions for various types of energy storage and power distribution systems.GD32F330/E230 Portable two -way energy storage system solution is also one of the focus display. Its GD32E230 design energy storage DC control board, GD32F330 design MTTP charging board, the output voltage and power can be adjusted, up to 3kW, the optimized algorithm also provides the optimized algorithm also provides the optimized algorithm.Better tracking efficiency and safety protection mechanism has attracted much attention in the application of outdoor power.


Figure 4: Portable two -way energy storage system solution

At present, with the rise of emerging applications such as Industry 4.0, photovoltaic, and energy storage, Zhaoyi Innovation's active layout has continued to make great efforts, breaking through the traditional structure and technical barriers of the semiconductor market in the industrial application, and obtained considerable market share, indicating that the local areaThe chip design capabilities of manufacturers are moving towards the front -line echelon in high -end, high -performance, and high -reliability requirements, and they have harvested the confidence and strength of long -term market verification in many vertical applications.

The staff of the booth stated that new infrastructure and dual carbon are one of the key industries that Zhaoyi Innovation has been paying attention to and layout for a long time.In order to welcome this wave of renewable energy sources, Zhaoyi Innovation continues to open up product lines such as memory, microcontrollers, power chips, etc., and is committed to creating a complete product ecological layout, accelerating customers and market verification, accumulating industry application experience, so as to be used as a result, soThe incremental incremental market injects the power of innovation.