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Ruisa Electronics MCU And MPU Product Line Will Support Microsoft Visual Studio Code

2023-08-01 17:26:21

Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) today announced that its customers can now use Microsoft & NBSP; Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to develop Risa's full series microcontroller (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU).Ruisa has developed tool expansion for all its embedded processors and published it on the Microsoft VS Code website, so that a large number of designers who are accustomed to using this popular integrated development environment (IDE) and code editor can be onThey work in the development environment they are familiar with.

VS Code IDE simplifies and accelerates code editing across multiple platforms and operating systems.By providing support for VS CODE, Risa now enables more designers to use Risa products to create efficient embedded solutions.VS Code and Ryesa's own powerful and flexible E2 Studio IDE complement each other, which is used by thousands of designers around the world.


Ruisa now supports customers to use Visual Studio Code to develop and debug the 16-bit RL78 and 32-bit RA, RX and RH850 MCUs, as well as embedded software for 64-bit RZ MPU and R-CAR series SOC.Ruisa's embedded processor is facing applications for automobiles, Internet of Things, industrial automation, home appliances, medical care and other applications.

Akiya Fukui, Vice President and Head of the Software Development Division At Renesas said that as a global MCU supplier, Ruisa Electronics has a huge and loyal customer base. Most of them use our powerful E2 Studio IDE to develop applications to develop applications. EssenceBy providing support for VS CODE, more designers can use Ryesa processors to develop embedded applications.

Marc Goodner, Princidal Product Manager, Microsoft said: We welcome the leader of the embedded processor market to join the Visual Studio Code community.Millions of developers using VS Code can now use Ryesa's extensive and efficient MCU and MPU product lines.

Users can download VS CODE for free, including access permissions of the source code.They can create the source code library with the help of GitHub PULL Request extensions, and then use VS Code to view and edit source code.They can also use the continuous development function to use simple user interfaces or flexible command interfaces.

Supply information

The Ryesa MCU and MPU tool extensions can be obtained on the Microsoft VS Code website and

Risa MCU advantage

As an excellent MCU product supplier in the world, Ruisa Electronics has shipped more than 3.5 billion per year, of which about 50%are used in the automotive field, and the rest are used in industrial, Internet of Things, and data centers and communication infrastructure.Ruisa Electronics has a wide range of 8 -bit, 16 -bit, and 32 -bit product portfolios. It is an excellent 16 -bit and 32 -bit MCU supplier in the industry. The products provided have excellent quality and efficiency and excellent performance.At the same time, as a trusted supplier, Ruisa Electronics has decades of experience in designing intelligence and security MCUs, and has a dual -production line production model, the industry's advanced MCU process technology, and the huge large partner of more than 200 partners.ecosystem.