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Da Lian Dajia Group Launched The TWS Headset Solution Based On Dafa Technology Products

2023-07-19 17:25:40

International leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia -Pacific market--- Da Lianda Holdings announced that its underworldPinjia launchedTWS headset solution for ARIOHA AB1565 chip.


Figure 1-Da Lian Dafa Jiajia's display board map based on Dafa technology products

Although the growth of the consumer market has been prominent in the past two years, the sales volume of TWS headphones has remained steady growth. On the one hand, due to the changes in consumer habits, the market penetration rate of TWS headphones has continued to increase. On the other handThe continuous evolution and change, its small and convenient appearance and high -quality, low -delay audio effect also brings users a better wearing experience.In this context, more and more headphone manufacturers have begun to deploy TWS headphones.In order to accelerate the design of TWS headsets, Da Lianjia launched the TWS headset solution based on Dafa Technology AB1565 chip. This solution supports MCSYNC and ANC technology to provide users with clearer audio experience.


Figure 2-Grand United Dadajia's TWS headset solution based on Dafa Technology products

AB1565 is a TWS Bluetooth headset-specific chip. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 and LE audio certification. It is equipped with ARM Cortex-M4F application processor, which can achieve high performance and low power consumption.And the built -in Tensilica Hifi Mini processor, realize the I/O peripheral control, protocol stack and DSP processing function of AB1565.In terms of features, the chip integrates the function of mixed -dazzling noise elimination (ANC), which improves the voice call quality of headset products.In addition, AB1565 also supports Airoha MCSYNC (multi -broadcast synchronization) technology, allowing headphones to seamlessly switch between left and right ear, with a balanced sound and low delay effect.


Figure 3-Grand United Dadajia's TWS headset solution based on Dafa technology products

In addition, AB1565 also supports the development of voice assistants. For this application, Dafa Technology provides software development tools and Android and iOS APP development references.In addition to applying on TWS headphones, AB1565 can also be used in the design of applications such as stereo headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers.And thanks to the high integration of AB1565, the peripheral circuit required for the overall design is quite simple.For peripheral circuit design, Dafa Technology also provides detailed design guide, including schematic diagrams and PCB design to accelerate customer development.


Core technological advantage:

    Bluetooth 5.3 version, the connection is more stable, less delayed, and lower power consumption;

    dual -channel stereo output, which can be suitable for TWS headphones and sports, headset headset products;

    Le Audio Bluetooth audio technology;

    Support MCSYNC technology, switch to the left and right ears;

    powerful ANC noise reduction algorithm, freely select Hybrid, FF and FB modes according to the number of MICs;

    Multi-POINT technology. At the same time, connect the computer and mobile phone, and seamlessly switch the phone to answer the phone when using the computer;

    Multi-streaming audio (Multi-Stream Audio) transmits multiple independent and synchronized audio streaming between multiple devices;

    Ull 2.0 ultra -low delay technology;

    support third -party algorithms to achieve more and more powerful functions;

    support Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair, Spotify Tap and other technologies.

Plan specifications:

    The main processor uses ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with a main frequency of 208MHz;

    DSP processor adopts Cadence Hifi Mini Audio Engine DSP Coprocessor with Hifi EXTENSION in 416MHz;

    completely meet the Bluetooth V5.3 specification;

    Integrated PA provides 10DBM output power;

    Low -intermediate frequency structure with high lineivity and high -end channel filters;

    -96dbm sensitivity and anti-interference performance;

    support bt & amp; BLE dual model and synchronization channel;

    integrated T-R switch and Balun;

    three numbers and simulation microphone interfaces;

    high-performance audio interface, the resolution can reach 192kHz/24-Bits;

    digital controller used for D/AB amplifier;


    serial interface: USB 2.0, UART*3, I2C*3, SPI;

    outer SRAM control interface, external FLASH interface and SD/SDIO/EMMC interface;

    LED pins and PWM channels, 12-bit adc channels;

    up to 23 programmable GPIOs, including 3 RTC GPIOs;

    provide capacitive touch control, random number generator and other functions;

    Support the encryption engine AES/SHA1/SHA224/SHA256;

    battery voltage can be from 3V to 4.8V;

    PMU with high integratedness, providing linear charging support overcurrent, excessive mild olter voltage protection, etc.;

    Integrated lithium ion battery charger, two bucks, three LDOs;

    working temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃;

    package: TFBGA of 4.6mm × 5.6mm, 96-Ball, 0.5mm pitch.

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About Da Lianda Holdings:

Da Lingda Holdings is the world's leading semiconductor component distributor in the Asia -Pacific region*, headquartered in Taipei (TSE: 3702).There are more than 250 suppliers, 78 distribution bases around the world, and a turnover of $ 25.97 billion in 2022.Da Lian University created an industrial holding platform, focused on the scale of international operations and localized elasticity, long -term deeply cultivated the Asia -Pacific market, with the vision of "industry preferred.", For 22 consecutive years, it has won the "Excellent International Brand Distributor Award" for 22 consecutive years.Facing the new manufacturing trend, Da Lian has been committed to transforming into a data-driven enterprise to build an online digital platform- "Da" and advocate smart logistics services (LaaS, Logistics as a Service) model to assist customers in common togetherChallenge to intelligent manufacturing.Da Lian University starts from good thoughts, establishes trust with science and technology, and hopes to jointly build the ecosystem of Da Run with the industry "La Bang Division", and uses "focusing on customers, technology empowerment, collaborative ecology, and creation of the era."The word mind method actively promotes digital transformation.(*Market ranking is published in March 2023 data)