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Ruisa Electronics Uses Altium As A Unified PCB Development Tool And Accelerates The Solution Of Partners And Customers.

2023-06-27 17:24:58

Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) announced today that they cooperated with Altium, LLC, a global software manufacturer, San Diego, California, to achieve standardization of all printing circuit boards (PCB) design on the cloud platform Altium 365.

Ruisa currently uses a variety of PCB design tools throughout the company, partly because of different companies they acquired in the past few years, bringing their traditional software into the company.As Ruisa integrates components of different product groups as a successful product portfolio into a system solution, the unified PCB design tool will simplify the design of these successful product portfolios and all other product kits.Complexity, improve system cost structure, and speed up products to market.


Ruisa's successful product portfolio is used as a solution for engineering verification, which integrates embedded processing, simulation, power supply and connecting products, so that customers can use this high -end platform to realize the design concept, shorten the product development cycle, and reduce the design to push the design toThe overall risk of the market.Ruisa has launched more than 400 successful product portfolios for extensive customers and markets.

Altium 365 is a cloud -based ideal PCB design platform.Through Altium 365, users can collaborate with design related parties and other participants, while ensuring IP security and making the design in the version control.Users can organize design, library and participants at one place, and share design links for real -time collaboration.With its unique CAD intelligent features, data can be stored online and accessed online.Ruisa will post all its products to the ECAD library to Altium Public Vault. Through the manufacturer components on the manufacturer 365, customers can directly select the Ruisa components from the Altium library to shorten the product listing time.

Chris Allexandre, senior vice president of Ruisa Electronics, CSMO and Global Sales and Marketing Headquarters, said: Ruisa is committed to digital transformation and simplifies customer design processes.The migration of ECAD tools is an important step in our development process. We look forward to establishing a long -lasting and in -depth strategic relationship with Altium.

DK Singh, vice president of Ruisa Electronic System and Plan Division, said: The migration is closely linked to the Ruisa's solution and the digital strategy, which involves the rapid access to the Internet of Things and other strategic measures.The coordination of this development work process will make internal global collaboration possible, and it will also make it easier for customers to integrate Risa's products and solutions into their systems.

At the same time, Ruisa will continue to bring comprehensive support to customers on the ECAD design platform outside Altium, and provide the ECAD library according to the needs of customers.Ruisa is consolidating the cooperation with Altium, and at the same time, we have adopted a variety of ways to strengthen the company's wider and in -depth market strategy.The unity of the ECAD tool is the first step.

Marc Boonen, chief business officer of Altium, said: Ruisa is one of the real leading companies in the semiconductor business field. It has the industry's most widely product series and design institutions all over the world.We are very proud to choose Altium 365 as the preferred platform for its PCB tools, and look forward to working together to create a high -quality comprehensive solution at a faster speed and lower cost.