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Qorvo Launched The Industry's First C -Frequency Band Band Pass Filter And Switch/LNA Module For The 5G

2023-06-20 17:24:05

Qorvo (Nasdaq code: QRVO), the world's leading connection and power solution supplier, announced the launch of QPQ3509 -the first body sound wave (BAW) 280MHz with a new 5G C frequency band;The compact, high -integration front switch/low noise amplifier (LNA) module QPB9850 at the RF front end.The C -band coverage of QPQ3509 binds the high integratedness and compact design of QPB9850, making these devices very suitable for 5G small honeycomb base stations with size and weight as key indicators.


Mobile Experts, Inc. Chief Analyst Kyung Mun said: As the first large -scale 'crazy' deployment stage of 5G has gradually weakened in developed markets such as North America, operators are focusing on the second stage, that is, the signal tower and the signal tower andSmall honeycomb base network densely realized.Mobile Experts predicts that in the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of 5G small honeycomb base stations will be 9%.In North America, we see that the annual shipments of small outdoor honeycomb products in operating business in the next three years will rise sharply; because operators expect to use small honeycomb to use the frequency band/ C frequency band spectrum within its continuous expanding 5G network coverage to further expand further expansionNetwork capacity.

The QPQ3509 filter covers a 5G frequency band of 3.7-3.98GHz, and uses 2.0mm × 1.6mm compact packaging, which is suitable for base station applications.Low insertion loss and high band outer attenuation make the filter the best choice for the application of a 5G C frequency band.In addition, QPQ3509 is also part of Qorvo's extensive RF BAW and surface sound wave (SAW) filter product portfolio.

QPB9850, as a broadband and single-channel switch LNA module, integrates a level 2 LNA and provides a function of crossing 2.3-5GHz, thereby supporting 5G bands including N41, N77, N78, and N79.When the radio is in the launch mode, the high -power processing switch can be used to protect LNA, and the LNA power supply can be turned off at the same time.QPB9850 provides a 34DB gain at 3.6GHz, with a 1.1DB noise coefficient and high linearity of 31dBM OIP3.QPB9850 uses a highly compact 3mm × 3mm LGA packaging that meets the ROHS standard.

Qorvo provides a complete high -performance RF solution series, such as filters, duals, LNAs, power amplifiers, switches and drives, so that our customers' products can meet the latest design specifications of small honeycomb applications.For more information, please visit:

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