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Vishay Launched A SOP-4 Small Packaging Integrated Turbine Car-Class Photovoltaic MOSFET Driver

2023-06-07 17:22:20

A few days ago, Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. (NYSE stock market code: VSH) announced that the launch of an industry-advanced new car-grade photovoltaic MOSFET driver --- VOMDA1271, which uses space-saving SOP-4 packaging to integrate shutdown circuits.Vishay Semiconductors Vomda1271 is specifically used to improve car application performance, while improving design flexibility and reducing costs. The switching speed and opening output voltage have reached the industry's advanced level.

A recently released optocoupler integration turning circuit, the typical turning time is 0.7ms, reaching the advanced level in the SOP-4 small packaging MOSFET driver.In addition, the DOMDA127's turnover time is 0.05ms, which is twice as fast as nearby competing products. As an excellent driver in this packaging specification, its isolation voltage and typical opening output voltage reaches 3750V and 8.5V, which is suitable for each eachMOSFET driver application.


The device is certified by AEC-Q102, which is suitable for pre-charging circuit, wall-mounted charger, and electric (EV) and hybrid (HEV) automotive battery management system (BMS).In order to generate higher voltage of IGBT and SIC MOSFET in these applications, two VOMDA1271 optocouplers can be used in series.In addition, this new driver is used. When developing the next -generation car, designers can use customized solid relays to replace traditional electromechanical relay.

The light isolation Vomda1271 uses AIGAAS infrared LED (IRLED), and its launch light is absorbed by the photovoltaic grid array, generating the MOSFET turnover voltage.This structure does not require external power supply, so it simplifies the design and reduces costs.This device can be driven by the GPIO pin of the microcontroller, which further improves design flexibility.The new optocoupler meets the green standards of RoHS and Vishay, without halogen.

Vomda1271 can now provide samples and have been mass -produced, and the supply cycle is 8 weeks.


Vishay Introduction

Visha is one of the world's largest separate semiconductor and passive electronic component products manufacturers. These products are critical to innovative design in automotive, industry, computing, consumption, communications, national defense, aerospace and medical markets.Serving global customers, vishay carries technology genes -the dNA of Tech.?.Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. is the Fortune 1,000 company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH).For more information on Vishay, please visit the website

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