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Qorvo Brings Outstanding Performance For 1.8 GHZ DOCSIS 4.0 Cable Application

2023-05-24 17:18:28

Qorvo (Nasdaq Code: QRVO), the world's leading connection and power solution supplier, announced that Qorvo's 1.8 GHZ DOCSIS & NBSP; 4.0 product portfolio has added new members.Qorvo's QPA3314 hybrid power multiplier amplifier module working frequency is 45 MHz to 1.794 GHz, combining excellent linearity with echo loss with low noise and high reliability.


QPA3314 provides a 23DB gain, the maximum working current is 530 mA, and the DC voltage is 24 V. Compared with other cable equipment solutions on the market, it has lower DC power and higher radio frequency power.Because there is an additional pin on the module packaging, QPA3314 can adjust the DC current from the outside, and achieve a good balance between power consumption and distortion within various output levels.

Debbie Gibson, director of Qorvo broadband access business product line, said: Qorvo continues to take the lead in supporting customers at each project stage of DocSis 4.0.Designers of optical nodes and Catv amplifiers can immediately develop development and use Qorvo's latest high -performance products to optimize the network.

Qorvo is the first to provide a complete and ready -made 1.8 GHz product portfolio for DOCSIS 4.0.Qorvo provides a comprehensive DOCSIS 4.0 product line, including more than 30 products, including high output power multiples, drivers, front amplifiers, returned amplifiers, VCA, DSA, switching and voltage variable equalizers.Qorvo provides customers with a one -stop trusted platform to obtain the DOCSIS 4.0 function.

Qorvo is a supplier of the wired broadband market, providing excellent end -to -end solutions.Click here to learn more information:


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